Best Cabinet Door Bumpers Reviews

Best Cabinet Door Bumpers Reviews

A cabinet door bumper is a type of drawer or cabinet door stop that is made out of rubber or foam. The purpose of the bumper is to prevent the cabinet doors from slamming shut too violently when someone bumps into them.

The best cabinet door bumpers can help guard against injuries to your children and keep your cabinets in good shape.

It also helps to prevent damage to your cabinets and furniture that might otherwise happen if someone bumps into them too much. If you have kids, then these bumpers are much safer than installing gates on all the cabinets in the kitchen.

The cabinet door bumpers can be installed on any surface which is not seen when the cabinet doors are closed.

What to Consider Before Selecting a Cabinet Door Bumper

Cabinet door bumpers are used to protect cabinet doors from dings and injuries. They can also be used to protect doors from overstretching and breaking.

Cabinet door bumpers also provide a more effective way of protecting your furniture against damage while creating a stylish design. Cabinet bumpers are also used in most cabinets to prevent objects from falling off the shelves.

To protect furniture from being damaged by items falling off shelves, some companies recommend having rubber or plastic bumpers on the cabinets instead of metal or wire ones due to their flexibility and durability.

However, there are some things to consider before making the decision to buy some bumpers for your cabinet door, here they are:

Build Quality and Material

Cabinet door bumpers are used to protect the cabinet doors against accidental bumps and damage. These bumpers are made out of wood and metal. There are also rubber and polyurethane material available.

Before you install a cabinet bumper, make sure to check the size of your door to ensure that it can be fitted into your cabinet. You can then choose the material that suits your preference best.

Better Grip

If you want to reduce the risk of accidents with your cabinet doors, then you should consider using cabinet door bumpers that have better grips.

Cabinet door bumpers are a solution to a very common problem of cabinet doors – the inability to close the door without it banging against its cabinets. They give a better grip and thus make closing the cabinet doors easier.

Size and Thickness

The bumpers come in all different shapes and sizes, but the most commonly seen is a rectangular shape.

There are different thicknesses of cabinet door bumpers that vary in terms of their weight. This can be due to the size or shape. The larger and thicker the bumper, the stronger it is.

Easy Installation

The installation process of the standard and quality cabinet door bumpers should be easy and this makes people attract to use them as much as they need.

Color and Visibility of the best cabinet door bumpers

The color of cabinet door bumpers is not always a great matter indeed! But it affects a lot to the users and through the standard color is white. This color is perfect for creating a fresh, clean aesthetic in any kitchen.

The white color also makes it easier to match with other colors in the room or paint with white to change the appearance of your kitchen.

There are some other things you should consider like choosing a design for your bumper as well as knowing whether or not it needs screws or some other mounting method.

Top 5 Best Cabinet Door Bumpers In 2021

Cabinet door bumpers are often used to protect your cabinet doors from getting scratched or damaged. These panels are designed to be installed on the inside of the cabinet doors.

There are many different types of cabinet door bumpers, which can be categorized in many different ways. For example, you can buy cabinet door bumpers made out of plastic or metal. You can also find them with struts or without struts.

The best way to find the perfect fit for your cabinets is by considering what type of material you want to use for your cabinets and what kind of installation method you plan on using for your cabinets.

To help you find the best option, here we have listed the top 5 best cabinet door bumpers available in the market right now:

1. FURNIMATE Cabinet Door Bumpers

The cost of replacing your cabinets every time your door closes can add up to a lot of money! FurniMate Cabinet Door Bonuses protect against damages and help reduce the need for replacements. It’s a great way to save money and keep your home looking good.

These adhesive bumper pads are great for protecting your furniture, increasing its lifespan, and adding decoration. They are easy to apply and leave no residue on the surface.

They are perfect for furniture that has moisture or humidity issues. Avoid permanent scratches on your cabinets with these high-quality adhesive bumper pads!

FURNIMATE Cabinet Door Bumpers provide a solution to reduce noise and protect your hard-working cabinet doors while you’re cooking.

Get a stylish and functional furniture accessory that will protect your chair from small, hard bumps on the floor. These adhesive furniture pads are available in clear and black to fit your decor. They come off easily without leaving marks.

FURNIMATE Cabinet Door Bumpers are perfect for protecting your furniture from scratches, scuffs, and dents.

The felt furniture pads are available in a wide array of colors, making them easy to coordinate with any design. Each cabinet door bumper is custom-made to the customer’s specifications.

This is a unique addition to your design. It will fit most cabinet doors and is perfect for protecting expensive glass displays.

Want to make noise-reducing cabinet doors? My husband complained for years about how he would accidentally slam the cabinet doors because they provided no barrier.

After finding these little pads, ee can now work happily in my laundry room without hearing the clanging. Worth it!

2. MOZOLAND Clear Rubber Feet Bumpers Pads

These door bumpers are the perfect solution to the lack of space in your garage, basement, or garage door. They can be installed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any specific need. They’re also soft-close bumpers, so they won’t slam shut.

Reduce the noise around your door with these rubber bumpers, which are ideal for protecting various fragile objects. These bumper pads are designed to buffer against furniture damage like the best furniture sliders would do.

MOZOLAND Door Bumpers are the new “must-have” for your home’s entrance. They can be used to protect your door frame from dings and scratches as well as prevent uninvited guests from walking in, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors to match any decor.

These door bumpers will give your doors a clean, modern look. The transparent finish will look like water droplets on the surface, but it doesn’t get in the way of your beautiful home decoration.

These door bumpers are a lifesaver! They help keep your kids safe and your peace of mind. Their design is sleek and they look great on any door. They’re easy to install and only require a screwdriver for installation!

Keep your walls & furniture safe while you clean! MOZOLAND Door Bumpers are available in different sizes to meet your needs, and they’re easy to install.

You can use them to protect your furniture, prevent cabinet damage, or stick to the bottom of the fridge for arts & crafts.

Mozoland Door Bumpers are a unique bump stopper that is not permanent or temporary.

These bumpers are made from a safe, non-toxic, & environmentally friendly material that won’t adhere to painted surfaces. So whether you’re looking for a temporary option or a permanent option, you’ll find the perfect solution here.

3. GorillaGrit Cabinet Door Bumpers

Special Soft Durometer sound dampening bumpers are great for cabinets, doors, drawers, picture frames, and glass table tops – providing cushioning to prevent damage from accidental slamming, banging, and closing.

Manufactured with an extremely durable polyurethane coating for long-lasting protection. Comes in three different sizes to fit any budget!

GorillaGrit Door Bumpers protect your furniture from wear and tear.

Stick these surface guards to the bottoms of boxes, vases and trinkets that sit on glass, wood, marble or any other material you do not want scratched or chipped. These versatile door guards are available in three sizes.

These Door Bumpers are an affordable solution to protect your home or office from potential damage in the event of an accidental fall. The self-adhesive backing makes this product easy to install and remove, no staples or damage needed.

One set takes the place of multiple traditional bumpers. The non-slip surface provides extra grip when you’re coming into contact with anything that can damage your home or office.

GorillaGrit Door Bumpers are the original door stoppers. Made in the USA, these pads will fit any size door and protect it while adding a sleek touch to any interior design.

Every day, thousands of people experience the frustration of bumping doors, spilling liquids, and scratching walls.

The GorillaGrit Door Bumpers are specifically engineered to provide the quietest close possible.

Now you can enjoy a quieter environment while protecting your home or place of business from scratches and damage.

GorillaGrit Door Bumpers are the perfect solution for protecting your door from wear and damage from things like boxes, suitcases, shoes, pets, etc. A great way to get your home’s interior looking clean and neat!

4. Outus Clear Rubber Cabinet Door Bumpers

Protect your cabinet doors from scratches and knicks by adding these self adhesive rubber pads.

Add them to the door edges or even the surface of your cabinets. Hassle-free and secure, these rubber padding pieces come in a set of three and can be placed on any door.

Help reduce the number of headaches & tension you feel … and look good doing it! Outus Cabinet Door Bumper is an easy and affordable way to add a polished finishing touch to your kitchen.

Protect your cabinet door or drawer from scratches and avoid that disgusting looking worn spot. Soft bumper pads with elasticity and high-strength adhesive tape. Peel and stick these to the door, drawer, or other surfaces you want to protect.

Outus Cabinet Door Bumper provides security and stability for door knob hardware. With the help of this door knob bumper, you can prevent scratching of your doors.

Furthermore, this door knob bumper provides safety for your kids to prevent accidents during the fall. It is designed with flexible rubber that can be applied to avoid scraping or doing damage to the door knobs

This Outus Cabinet Door Bumper is a set of 4 different shapes to fit all standard cabinets. This is a practical and versatile solution for bumpers to fit around cabinet doors, that prevents doors from being scratched.

Outus Cabinet Door Bumper is the only cabinet door protector that is self-adhesive and available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Outus Cabinet Door Bumper Stick-on Cushion offers an easy and quick solution for preventing scratches on your cabinet doors.

5. Petutu Cabinet Door Bumpers

Petutu Cabinet Door Bumpers are ideal for protecting your cabinets against bumps and scratches while reducing noise. Package: 400pcs. Various sizes to meet all your needs.

Need a quick fix for your scratched or damaged cabinet doors? No need to worry when you have the perfect accessory for the job. The self-adhesive bumpers from Petutu are an easy solution that will stop your cabinets from getting scratched again.

Get a beautiful home with a sleek and calming design. This Door Bumper will keep your doors in good shape while adding the finishing touch to your kitchen.

With all the noise that is generated in your household, it’s important to sound-proof your doors with the help of our door bumpers. These door bumpers are soft and flexible, providing sound-dampening properties along with comfortable cushioning.

These bumpers are made of rubber and non-toxic material which is safe to use. They can be used to protect furniture and other household items from damages, scratches, and stains. It is a great way to protect your home and improve its aesthetic value.

Nothing spoils the exterior of your home like messy, banged-up cabinet doors!

At Petutu, they made sure our cabinet doors are easy to install and remove, so you can easily swap them with receiving new ones for a fresh look or move them out to make room for that new dishwasher you want to buy.

With a one-time use, these handy rubber bumper pads will stop your cabinet doors from dropping or slamming. Inexpensive and convenient, this product is a must-have in any kitchen.

How to Attach Cabinet  Door Bumpers -Step by step bullet points

A cabinet door bumper, also known as a doorman, is a device that attaches to doors of buildings to keep them open. They’re typically made of metal and rubber.

How to Attach Cabinet  Door Bumpers

They are typically installed at the top of the door frame with one end on each side of the frame.

1. Find your door bumpers

2. Cut both ends of your runner strips to size

3. Attach one end on either side of the door frame by inserting the short end into the bottom hole on each side, then using a screwdriver or wrench, tighten until you feel it catch

4. Slide the long strip over the top edge of the door frame and attach it by inserting screws into pre-drilled holes

5. Finally, fasten your movers onto either side with screws


How thick should cabinet bumpers be?

There are three different types of cabinet bumpers – metal, wire, and rubber.

The thickness of the metal cabinet bumper should be two millimeters thick.

The wire cabinet bumper should be one millimeter thick.

And the rubber cabinet bumper should be half a millimeter thick.       

Where do you put bumpers on cabinet doors?

Cabinet doors come in a variety of hinge and latch configurations. To achieve a flush appearance, bumpers should be placed on cabinet doors.

How many bumpers does a cabinet door have?

The number of bumpers in a door should depend on the size of the door. A small cabinet should have three bumpers while a large cabinet should have 5.


Cabinet door bumpers are a type of door organizer that has been in use since the 1800s. These are small pieces of accessories with a ledge that protrudes from the cabinet’s face and slides into it to hold things like cookbooks or kitchen utensils.

The best cabinet door bumpers are a popular option for protecting cabinet doors from knocks and bumps. They may be bulky, but they’re effective at preventing damage to the doors.

The best thing about these bumpers is that they can be customized to suit your needs and made with any color, shape, size, and material you want.

Overall, cabinet door bumpers are a long-standing, traditional solution to protect your cabinets from bumps and bruises.

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