How to Adjust Gas Fireplace Flame Color

How to Adjust Gas Fireplace Flame Color In 2022

Locate the gas log control knob first and keep the damper open. Give it a few minutes to see the changes. You can also adjust the pilot light to adjust your gas fireplace flame color.

How to Adjust Gas Fireplace Flame Color

You may wonder why your gas fireplace has blue flame color while you are used to seeing yellow and orange fires in campfires and traditional fireplaces. It may seem unusual, but for a gas fireplace, blue flames are natural.

Blue flames are safe, healthy, and natural for most gas-burning appliances. Nevertheless, gas fireplaces are designed to fulfill the user’s desire to see and feel a wood-burning sensation without any mess in the place. Knowing the meaning of the flame colors is quite important to adjust the temperature and safe burning.

What Do Blue Flames Mean

Blue flames in a gas burner is a positive sign for sure, but what does it actually mean? The blue flame indicates-

  • Proper heat generation and distribution- Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tend to burn at around 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit, which turns into blue flames.
  • Excellent combustion- Darker flames mean efficient combustion and hotter flames.
  • Proper fuel usage- Fuels burning blue maintain excellent combustion while efficient use of fuel. 

Locate the Gas Log Control Knob

First, locate the pilot knob and turn it on to light the gas. Monitor the color of the flames and allow them to burn for a couple of minutes. At first, the color of the flame would be blue. After burning some particles and dust the yellow and orange tips to the flames would show up. If the flames still don’t show up, follow the next procedures.

Keep the Damper Open

Make sure to keep the damper open to allow proper ventilation. Good airflow is very important for controlling the color of the flame. Lower the air input to flames to adjust the flame color to have an orange or yellow tip to them. Change the damper or close the air shutter to do this. You can find these adjustments behind the decorative front of the gas fireplace.

To remove these, turn off the fireplace first and allow it to cool down before you touch the front. If your gas fireplace came with a remote, these settings might be on there.

Give it a Few Minutes

You may not see immediate changes once you change the adjustments of the fireplace. Give it a few minutes to adjust to the different air levels, roughly around 30 minutes. Check for the changes and make more adjustments if needed.

If you think you’ve waited long enough and still can’t see any noticeable changes, turn it off completely first. Wait for it to cool off and check on your fireplace ventilation, such as chimneys. Cloggs or any other faults may hamper the proper oxygen supply. 

Also, make sure to find the switch that is located at the front of the gas logs. The switch is supposed to be on. 

How to Adjust Pilot Light on Gas Fireplace

How to Adjust Pilot Light on Gas Fireplace

Adjusting the pilot light is quite important as it provides heat to power the furnaces, water heater, and fireplaces. The optimum pilot light should be blue, and here’s how to adjust the pilot light flame on the gas fireplace.

1. First, find the controls placed at the bottom of the fireplace. You should look for a “Lo-Hi” button as well that will allow you to adjust the height of the flame.

2. If you can’t find such a button, there will be a screw. Adjust this screw with a screwdriver.

3.  To reduce the flame height, turn the screw clockwise. Turn the screw counter-clockwise to increase the flame height.

4. Keep adjusting the screw till the flame turns blue. The flame will be yellow or orange otherwise.

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Should my gas fireplace burn blue?

A gas fireplace should burn with blue flames, with small tips in yellow or orange. However, the flames should be steady and consistent in the first place. 

Is it safe to leave a gas fireplace on all night?

You should never leave your gas fireplace overnight as it has a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, it can light your house on fire as well. So, you should turn off your gas fireplace.

How high should the flame be on a gas fireplace?

Turn the burner on, set the flame height to high and take a reading. You should see an ideal reading of 3.5 inches or the pressure rating indicated in the manual.

To Conclude

You can get an adequate amount of heat from your fireplace by controlling the proper flame color of your gas fireplace. Try the methods mentioned above carefully and if you still can’t see proper results, seek professional help. 

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